Rocklin Chiropractic Tackles Two Challenges to a Good Running Form

Specialists in chiropractic in Rocklin can help you enjoy and maximize your running experience through a comprehensive treatment plan to target your needs. You can sign up for surge training in innovative facilities like the New Life Chiropractic, to lose fat and build muscle healthily. You can also receive chiropractic therapies to treat recurring pains and discomfort. Together with nourishing your mind and body and ridding it of toxins, these approaches can help you overcome the obstacles in having the best runs of your life.


Call a Chiropractor in Roseville, CA for Solution to Long-Term Pain

Reputable chiropractors in Rocklin, CA, such as New Life Chiropractic, and chiropractors elsewhere, are trained in trigger point therapies, where manipulation of a hyper-irritable point in the muscles – will replicate the pain pattern, but on continued manipulation, will reduce and resolve the pain. Chiropractors also prescribe a regimen of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements.

Visit a Chiropractor in Rocklin, California for Post-Partum Concerns

Post-natal mothers undergo physical and hormonal changes that may affect their state of mind. When post-partum pain becomes unbearable, consider consulting a chiropractor in Rocklin, California, like New Life Chiropractic’s Dr. Tim Smith, DC, to determine if the discomfort can be eased by chiropractic care. New and expectant mothers can learn a thing or two from Mrs Superhero’s experience.

A Chiropractor in Rocklin Helps Relieve Construction Workers’ Stress

This is relevant for Rocklin, CA. The “Family Community” has a smattering of construction and home improvement companies that know the importance of having their crews in great shape. If you’re feeling something’s wreaking havoc on your body, as a result of long hours at the work site, book an appointment with a chiropractor from Rocklin like Dr. Tim Smith, D.C. of New Life Chiropractic.

Get a Full Exam from a Rocklin Chiropractor for a $50 Food Donation

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but not everyone gets to enjoy his/her turkey. While it may not look like it, hunger is a serious problem in the U.S., with 14.5 percent of households in 2012 with food insecurity, according to the World Hunger Education Service. Without food, weak bones will be the least of people’s worries.

To give thanks for a bountiful harvest, New Life Chiropractic is initiating a two-week food drive before the big day on November 27. Drop by our office at 6839 Five Star Blvd., Rocklin, CA with at least $50 worth of food items for donation. In return, our Rocklin chiropractor will conduct a new patient evaluation—a $185 service—free of charge.

Treating Back Pain in Rocklin: The Drugless Alternative for Athletes

Chiropractic treatment is not reserved solely for athletes. If you prefer a drugless treatment for pain that affects the bones, muscles, joints, and connective tissue, chiropractic clinics are readily available. New Life Chiropractic offers it’s patients in Rocklin chiropractic treatments that address pain and a number of other health issues.

Before they can start with any procedure, chiropractors will screen their patients to determine the proper course of treatment. When it comes to treating back pain in Rocklin, chiropractors usually seek the focal point of each patient’s discomfort then perform the necessary spinal adjustments to correct the nerve endings. This correction, in turn, remedies chronic pain in the back and limbs.

Trusted Chiropractors in Rocklin, CA Teach You Proper Spinal Care

Considering that the U.S. has about 7,800 cases of back and spinal injuries every year, these tips certainly apply stateside. At the forefront of the efforts to help people overcome their spine problems are the Maximized Living chiropractors in Rocklin, CA at the leading chiropractic care clinic, New Life Chiropractic. These professionals combine the latest chiropractic technologies with proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choicesto ensure their patients have the most holistic and effective spinal care possible.

That’s right: healthy food plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy spine. Aside from Calcium that strengthens bones, essential nutrients like Vitamin A (to repair damaged bone tissues), D (for proper bone development) and B12 (for healthy bone marrows) must also be present in one’s diet. A nutrition plan, such as the one provided by New Life Chiropractic, a chiropractor near Roseville, contains instructions on the best ways to prepare nutritious meals.